~  If you feel that you can contribute to PROJECT:Rainy Day in some way not listed below, send an application anyway for a possible spot on the team!


We are looking for talented developers, freelancers, and interns to help with the development of our new world.

Payment is Negotiable.


Areas of Interest


>Game Programmers

Who have an understanding and workable fluency in C++.  If you have a strong background in C, and can learn C++ on the fly proficiently, your application may be considered.  Using Unreal's Blueprint visual scripting system is a part of the toolkit, accepted candidates will be expected to become familiar with it when starting.

Use the power and awesomeness of Unreal Engine 4 to bring our new world together.  A few of the things you may delve into are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Gameplay Object programming and scripting
  • UI and HUD scripting
  • Blueprint visual scripting


>3D Artists

Creation Pipeline:

Planning, Blockout, modeling, texturing, or (rigging, skinning, and/or animation).

As a Prop Artist:

Your role focuses on the Creation Pipeline, and creating in-world objects that will populate the scene, and give it life.

As an Environment Artist:

Your role, while following the Creation Pipeline, is to create the physical world of the game, and work with the team to make everything feel real.

As an Animator:

Use Unreal Engine 4's integrated animation tools and plugins for editing animations and creating character animations.



>Apply Now

  • Please send an application using the contact form below to reach us.
  • Send your application as follows:
  • Email Subject Line-Application for [Area of Interest]
  • Please send your Resume as a .doc | .docx | .rtf | .pdf file only.
  • If you have a website and would like to share it with us, please do and include the link URL.
  • Please attach any relevant Portfolio materials and samples in your email.


>General Contact

If you have questions, inquiries, or other related thoughts, contact us using the form below.